Taking care of one’s diet is always important for everyone. But if the patient has some health problems, he/she has to take extra care of the diet. We proud our clients with the top notch dietetics services.

A healthy diet is always important for an individual’s proper physical as well as mental growth. It is a science which relates the nutrients to maintenance, health, growth and disease of an organism. It includes specifying the diet for a patient according to his requirements which is largely dependent on a  number of factors such as type of the disease an individual is suffering from, severity/stage of the disease etc.

Not only specification of the food to intake, but also the methods to cook it and the storage methods are specified by our expert dieticians who are having loads of experience. This reduces the risk of food-born illness and prevents the adverse effects of following a bad diet routine especially for geriatric patients.

Scope of services include

  1. Diet Chart
  2. Patient and family counselling sessions
  3. Diet screening
  4. Diet counselling (specific)
  5. Dietary followup
  6. Obesity clinic (12 visit in six month)